Omid 16B – Kicking It Off

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Omid 16B – Kicking It Off

Omid 16B is Kicking It Off in the 5th dimension. Coupled with the tender firecrackers Alex George and Chris Gavin, Omid begins his warbled journey into the mystical gardens as a transmogrified toad that hops casually through the gates. A fevered smog descends throughout the fields and a burning sensation trickles up the creek toward the shivering nightingales. Fourteen soft-spoken opossums sing an ode, harmonizing together under the vaulted skies. Clocks called my name twice. Smitten in the soul with nowhere else to go. A lavish dessert prepared under slivered moonlight. Diluted in the seemingly endless blackness. Special trickery. If life were a marble, I would be the stripe inside. She sang her song in the pasture until a reindeer appeared. Leave the house for sleep. A candy-coated future. We were young, free, and careless. Too many lounging antiquities. Thrilling levees. Stationed near the sanctuary. 2014 Tulipa Recordings Artwork by Justin Chodzko Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

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