Omid 16B Presents Arnas D Reincarnations 001

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

Omid 16B Presents Arnas D Reincarnations 001

Omid 16B presents Arnas D – Reincarnations 001 (Mixed & compiled by Omid 16B & Arnas D) A new interaction in the process, two minds reborn into one ‘soul’, creating one or more successive existences, which enable a palette of positive selections exclusive to form and function. SexOnWax are pleased to introduce a new series of releases titled “Reincarnations”. Omid 16B selectively guides a choice of producer / Djs offering an interactive mergence of art, music and self expression, creating a balance between partnership through to manifestation of harmonic transcendence. This is not your usual artist album or compilation where an ego is the focus, but a spontaneous venture setting a new standard to how two minds can become one.


Physical version available via link:

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