No More Free Promos!

Posted on May 19, 2014

No More Free Promos!

As the sun rose over London this morning, I grabbed my morning coffee and checked my messages. Normally I skip through most of them, but one that stood out was from Omid 16b with a call to arms so to speak on how to address the growing divide between the haves and have not’s of the DJ world, the elusive and most of the time, exclusive promo.

The promo have always been a pinnacle of most aspiring DJs. To get on a list of upfront new music from labels is a right of passage, a so called nod from the industry that you have been acknowledged and to be rewarded, but what happens when the system becomes clogged, broken or tainted by Artist Management Agencies. PR firms, digital stores or labels giving away an artists music?

This morning, Omid 16b addressed this with a new solution.

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