Omid 16B – Sounds Like Alola

Posted on Mar 29, 2011

Omid 16B – Sounds Like Alola

Alola Records celebrates 17 years of deepness by releasing their entire re-mastered catalog available at all digital stores through 2011.

1 The Boy That Never Sleeps (Omid’s Deep into the Night remix) by Omid 16B 9:21
2 Give You Love by Pete Moss 3:14
3 Uplifting Blues by Eli Nissan 1:12
4 Sky As A by Omid 16B 3:03
5 Evo Lustation by Omid 16B 5:46
6 Santa Monica by Anthony Teasdale 3:43
7 It Doesn’t Have To End (Omid’s Barking Dog’s mix) by Omid 16B 7:26
8 Re Aranged by Omid 16B 4:06
9 Jungle Home (Omid’s Bonus Beats) by Omid 16B 5:17
10 3am by Omid 16B 4:53
11 Leads To Love by SexOnSubstance 8:53
12 Who Are You? by Omid 16B 10:42
13 At Night (Omid’s early teaser) by Omid 16B 3:40
14 Omid 16B presents Sounds Like Alola volume 1 (Continuous Mix) by Various

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